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Can you put a bigger & higher quality variant of your sprite in the description, that way people can see your sprite better?

Correction: Zapper was released on GameCube, GameBoy Advance, PS2, Xbox, & PC. Not PS1.

Jontanium responds:

My Bad, Thanks for the clarification

Rayman's hands & shoes look small, might need to increase there size to just right.

Could you at least make the white text not blend in the yellow background by either using gradients or putting a different color behind the text?

Would've been nice if Sr Pelo added his own interpretations of Oswald & other various Mickey/Donald characters in his Mokey's Show series.

DocDiegO responds:

Yeah, that would be funny.

It's a shame that Jack Ripper doesn't make anymore appearances after Jack Bros.

The crystal textures needs some transparency. Try changing the opacity on the colored layer until you see what best suits you.

Those fire effects could've looked better like adding some smooth smudging & glow like effects around it for instance, plus his left foot on the left half of the picture needs to be position properly.

This is like, what if, the Ducktales remake uses 16 or 32 bit sprite work instead of 2D hand drawn models in a 3D environment?

The way you drew Scaler could use some improvements like the hands, legs, neck, body, & back spikes for instance, plus you forgot to put spikes on his arms.

An alignment, line, & curve tool will probably help you out.

BracketNeutron responds:

My older drawings haven't held up as well, digital work especially looked much sloppier. The suggestion with using cleaner line tools has already been taken into consideration last year BTW. Thanks for the criticism though.

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