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Back in 2006, I mistaken this for a full episode of Sonic X & it was my first exposure to Newgrounds.

What I think about this Sonic related flash short nowadays? I honestly think the animation could've use some improvements such as not relying on tracing screenshots or concept art from Sonic X, making sure the character's proportions are on-model at least, improving the waving quill physics (plus Sonic & Shadow should have six quills on the back of their heads), & improving the backgrounds by not heavily rely on gradient effects & trying to use different art tools that work best for you.

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I remember playing this back then. Here's what I think about it nowadays.

The game didn't age all that well because of...

-Balancing Issues
(Spamming projectile attacks while standing far away from your opponents is for the most part a dominant strategy)

-Frame Rate Issues
(The Wario level for example is prone to frame rate drops, input delays, & broken collusion detection, to a point where I just use the right click then skip function.)

-Limited Move Sets (Only 5 Moves for each character.)

-Some Questionable Character Choices
(Could've choose Eggman, Metal Sonic, Amy, or any Sonic character over those two random fan made ones.)

-Some fan made sprite work could use some improvements by adding proper shading & making sure that the characters are at least on-modeled (I.E. Mario, Luigi, Fox McCloud, Jigglypuff, & Cloud Strife)

The game is flawed but it isn't 100% bad cause there are pros like...

-Being able to unlock more than one characters instead of one at a time.

-2B's voice actress was involved in this game.

-The inclusion of non-video game characters like Goku.

-The inclusion of third-party characters that aren't in any Smash game as proper playable characters such as Crono, Lloyd, Mega Man X, & Zero.

-The option to skip any levels at any time & it's arguably a good speedrun strat.

I honestly prefer Super Smash Flash 2 over the original.

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Could you at least make the white text not blend in the yellow background by either using gradients or putting a different color behind the text?

Would've been nice if Sr Pelo added his own interpretations of Oswald & other various Mickey/Donald characters in his Mokey's Show series.

DocDiegO responds:

Yeah, that would be funny.

It's a shame that Jack Ripper doesn't make anymore appearances after Jack Bros.

Just your average hobbyist.
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