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Before YouTube Poops, Rage comics, character reactions, Wojaks, Twitter memes, Reddit memes, & all that, there was this. This was a meme before memes became mainstream & big-name corporations tried to capitalize them.

Would've been nice if there was a epilepsy warning in the video's description for those who are sensitive to fast flashing effects.

Voice acting, dialogue, & art style are decent, but the animation looks rough.

I think adding some exaggerated smear frames (like these for example: https://idearocketanimation.com/8857-animation-techniques-smear/) to give the illusion of fluid movement & maybe adding a few or so more frames in between would probably help.

For shading & lighting, try using hue-shading & use different colors instead of just black & white for lighting effects whenever it's necessary. (It don't have to be 100% realistic.)

Some improvements I can think of are using the blur tool or filter to make the edges less pixelated & use the clone tool to edit out some clay parts.

Eugine1a2b responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

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I remember playing this back then. Here's what I think about it nowadays.

The game didn't age all that well because of...

-Balancing Issues
(Spamming projectile attacks while standing far away from your opponents is for the most part a dominant strategy)

-Frame Rate Issues
(The Wario level for example is prone to frame rate drops, input delays, & broken collusion detection, to a point where I just use the right click then skip function.)

-Limited Move Sets (Only 5 Moves for each character.)

-Some Questionable Character Choices
(Could've choose Eggman, Metal Sonic, Amy, or any Sonic character over those two random fan made ones.)

-Some fan made sprite work could use some improvements by adding proper shading & making sure that the characters are at least on-modeled (I.E. Mario, Luigi, Fox McCloud, Jigglypuff, & Cloud Strife)

The game is flawed but it isn't 100% bad cause there are pros like...

-Being able to unlock more than one characters instead of one at a time.

-2B's voice actress was involved in this game.

-The inclusion of non-video game characters like Goku.

-The inclusion of third-party characters that aren't in any Smash game as proper playable characters such as Crono, Lloyd, Mega Man X, & Zero.

-The option to skip any levels at any time & it's arguably a good speedrun strat.

I honestly prefer Super Smash Flash 2 over the original.

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If other Eidos/Crystal Dynamics characters like Gex, Raziel, Kain, Garrett, Nikki, JC Denton, & others appear in any Kingdom Hearts game, they're either cameo summons or side quest cameos or both.

According to Newgrounds' Age Guideline section from their user agreement, they don't allow lolicon/shotacon on here, even when the underage character is "aged up", they'll still take it down.

To report underage porn art, click on the flag button, click on "Pornographic" report category, provide detailed context in the blue note box (optional), then click on the submit button.

BlurryDawgo responds:

Huh. Good to know.

Hope to find more Tiara fan art like this.

If she was used in anything, will she be a recurring character or one-time character? What will her official Sonic Channel bio be like?

EctoSludge responds:

There actually was an official Sonic Channel bio drafted for her before she was ultimately scrapped. It reads as follows:
"Haha funni cat she have funni titti lololol".
In my opinion, it succinctly describes her character and her struggles as a strong, independent woman who don't need no man.

Just your average hobbyist.
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